Diamond Tipped Tools
Midstates Cutting tools is committed to being the leader in product
innovation and tooling solutions. We have expanded our facilities with this
one goal in mind - to be best. Drill points has been designed specifically to
produce quality holes in fiberglass, graphite, composite and composite
stacked with aluminum. These drill points work to reduce exit burr as well as
exit fraying when working in composites. Diamond tipped countersinks with
either solid or removable pilots are available in a variety of sizes and chamfer
angles. Special diamond tipped reamers can be produced with geometries
designed for producing the highest quality parts with the maximum tool life.

Special Multi-Purpose Thread Milling Tools
We produce multi-function thread milling tools that are manufactured for
applications as simple as coolant fed drill/thread mills to tools that have the
ability to spotface, counterbore, chamfer, end mill, and flat bottom as well as
thread mill. Tools can be supplied solid carbide or coolant fed solid carbide
and geometries are designed specifically to machine your material and part

Screw Machine Tooling & Layouts
Precision grinding checked optically while work is in progress is the
hallmark of the screw machine tooling done here at Midstates Cutting Tools.
In addition, we will design and build cams for your machine. Each cam is
cut to a developed rise insuring true and constant feeds from your turret
tooling. We will also engineer complete projects including all end cutting
tools required along with form tools. We will work with you in every aspect
from implementation to finished product.
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