For nearly sixty years, Midstates Cutting Tools has been
a leading designer and manufacturer of precision cutting
tools for the metal cutting tool industry. From the
beginning, the Midstates Cutting Tools founders saw the
need for consistent, competitively priced, quality cutting
tools delivered on time. The commitment has deepened
through the years and we are dedicated to perpetuating
this heritage of excellence.
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Users in industries as diverse as aerospace, automobile, heavy equipment, hydraulics and
pneumatics understand that they can depend on Midstates Cutting Tools for not only
quality cutting tools but for customer service and deliveries that far exceed the industry
norm. In addition to tooling specifically for industry needs, customers depend on MCT's
expertise in manufacturing "non-standards" with extended shanks, multiple flutes or diverse
helical angles.

We invite you to call or visit our facility to see for yourself why Midstates Cutting Tools is
your choice as manufacturing partner.